Dak and Zeke: How Well Do You Know the Dynamic Duo?

The fourth overall pick and fourth-round quarterback are turning into rookie rockstars for the injury-riddled but surprising Dallas Cowboys. Can you crack our quiz about the budding superstars?

Michael Craig
Created By Michael Craig
On Oct 18, 2016
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How many quarterbacks were taken in the 2016 Draft before Dak was selected 135th overall?

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In what state did Ezekiel Elliott star in high school football, basketball, and track?

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Dak broke whose NFL record for most pass attempts without an interception to start a career?

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How many touchdowns did Elliott score against Oregon to lead Ohio State to victory in the title game of the first-ever college football playoffs?

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Which Cowboys receiver caught Dak Prescott's first NFL regular season touchdown pass?

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Before Zeke, who was the last rookie running back to ever run for 130+ yards in four straight games?

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Both Zeke and Dak were born in July, but which of the two rookies is older?

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Before Ohio State, how many touchdowns did Zeke score as a high school senior (15 games)?

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What is Dak Prescott's actual first name?

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Which rookie owns the bragging rights from when their college teams clashed?

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