Here's How To Be Attractive Without Makeup

10 essential tips for going au natural.

How To Be Pretty

You don't need to cover your face in makeup to be pretty, we promise! If you take care of your skin, teeth, and hair, you will look and feel beautiful. In fact, you can get model good looks by investing in products that will enhance your beauty instead of covering up your flaws.

Back in October, Kim Kardashian made a bold statement by going without makeup at the Balenciago Show at Paris Fashion Week. All she wore on her face was moisturizer.

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

Baring It All

Many celebrities have been embracing the no-makeup trend. Alicia Keys made headlines in August when she went make-up free at the MTV VMAs. Her healthy glow is a reflection of how well she takes care of her skin. She uses a Jade Roller to smooth her face, increase blood circulation, and diminish the appearance of fine lines. It's a facial on a stick!

Another product she uses is Jojoba Oil, which is a light and nourishing natural moisturizer that contains all the nutrients that make hair and skin smooth, soft, and healthy.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Models Without Makeup

With so many celebs joining the no-makeup movement, we want to try it out too! Your face can look just as fresh and flawless as Adriana Lima! With the right skincare products, you'll be taking selfies in all your natural glory in no time.

Follow these tips to feel confident without wearing makeup. . .

1. Exfoliate Regularly

Keep your skin smooth by exfoliating with a cleanser. This daily scrub helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Its unique formula combines moisture-rich soy extract with microbeads to gently exfoliate while you cleanse, leaving your skin looking luminous. 

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Scrub, $4, Amazon.

2. Revitalize Your Skin In The A.M.

If you haven't tried Korean skin products yet, you're in for a treat. The Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask is made with green tea and match powder which temporarily tightens pores and brightens skin in just one minute.

$28, Amazon.

3. Wear A Charcoal Mask

Origins' organic mask features ingredients stemmed from the earth, including bamboo charcoal and white China clay, to protect skin against environmental stressors and unclog polluted pores.

Origins Active Charcoal Mask, $32, Amazon.

4. Get Your Brows And Lashes On Fleek

If you have overplucked/ sparse eyebrows or thinning eyelashes, this growth elixir is for you. It is infused with the essential B vitamin, Biotin, and powerful peptides so you can boost and enhance your looks as well as your confidence. In fact, perfectly groomed brows and long lashes will frame your face and pull your best features into focus.

Body Merry Lash & Brow Elixir, $24, Amazon.

5. Invest In Youthful Skin

This revolutionary anti-aging cream is clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles, and improve skin firmness and hydration in 15 days. It rejuvenates and protects skin against premature signs of aging. Although the product is a bit pricey, everyone who uses this pro-collagen cream swear by it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, $128, Amazon.

6. Quench Your Dry Skin

This powerful, precious skin care oil is cold-pressed from the maracuja fruit, naturally rich in brightening vitamin C and replenishing essential fatty acids to nourish, protect, and feed your skin. The weightless, hypoallergenic formula helps visibly firm and soften without clogging pores.

Tarte Maracuja Oil, $30, Amazon.

7. Smile Brighter

A good smile instantly makes a person more attractive. Half teeth whitener, half oral detoxifier, this specialty powder is composed from all-natural ingredients including activated charcoal to promote healthy teeth and gums. This complex is billed to purge teeth of stains faster than whitening strips and is also much safer to use.

Natural Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder, $24.95, Amazon.

8. Protect Your Skin

Wearing SPF everyday, especially on your face, will protect your skin and keep you looking fresh. This moisturizing cream hydrates, soothes, and protects normal to dry skin. It restores hydration and increases the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Day Crème SPF 15, $53, Amazon.

9. Enhance Your Lips

Use a lip scrub to eliminate dryness, smooth texture, plump lips, and add a subtle tint of pink.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rose Balm (Pack of 2), $5.95, Amazon.

10. Try Out A Toner

Tone your way to more radiant, glowing skin. Glycolic acid and grapefruit extract, both alpha-hydroxy acids, work together to exfoliate and refresh dry, clogged skin. Helps minimize discoloration, soften the look of fine lines and reduce pore congestion that can make skin look tired and dull.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, $18, Amazon.