Understanding Your Persona…The Mask You Wear
What Personality Channels order are you? …Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler

Constance Santego
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Do you…?

When you are on the phone, how do you like to communicate...?

When talking to someone in person, do you…?

When you are on vacation, what do you like to do...?

In your free or spare time, do you…?

How do you like being shown love...?

When you learn something new, the best way is...?

Do you like books that...?

When reading a book...?

When using instructions (sewing pattern, installing electronics, etc.) do you...?

A reply you say when you agree with someone...?

When you have done a good job and are being congratulated, would you like…?

When lost and in need of directions, do you…?

To really believe something you need to...?

Success means...?

In a conversation with a friend, do you…?

When putting on clothes for the day…?

Your belongings in your bedroom...?

When telling someone about your bike or vehicle, do you...?

Sleeping, do you dream in...?



Audio Channel: Oral and Written Language
Clairaudience (clear hearing)
These people:
·        Words are very important
·        Love to listen to music
·        Hear  and understand the lyrics to a song
·        Enjoy typing or writing with a pen
·        Are very literal, blunt
·        Need detailed and factual information
·        Love information in a printed format
·        Need to have everything in writing, so there is no miscommunication
·        Can seem arrogant
·        Louder



Knower Channel: Knowledge / Thought
Claircognisance (clear knowing) spelled also Claircognizant
These people:
·        Overanalyze / consider all the alternatives, think about all possible scenarios
·        Research everything, even a simple purchase
·        Usually take days to decide what to do about a decision, idea or problem
·        Are very cautious
·        When they know a subject, they can give instant recall of the information, without blinking an eye



Visual Channel: Pictorial / Symbols
Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
These people:
·        Love TV and movies
·        Likes art; to draw and paint / colour
·        Need to see how something works to understand it
·        Need to see it to believe it
·        Every item in the house has a special place
·        When speaking usually tell stories
·        Very materialistic and love nice things, ADOS (attention deficit…oh shiny)
·        Travel or driving directions - draws you a map



Feeler Channel: Kinesthetic / Touch
Clairsentience (clear feeling)
These people:
·        Are always busy… go, go, go...can’t sit still
·        Are great at getting the job done - and quickly
·        Are very spontaneous and will try anything once
·        Go by their gut feeling
·        Love to play sports and be active
·        Are very competitive
·        Need to use their hands / Love to touch things
·        Tell stories with lots of emotion


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