How Many Of These Advent Questions Can You Get Right? (Quiz)

Many of us have been celebrating Advent since we were children, but how much do you really know about this liturgical season?

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On Dec 4, 2015
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The word Advent means:

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The official liturgical color for most of the season of Advent is:

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Which of these is not a meaning for the 4 candles on an Advent Wreath?

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On the third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, it is a tradition for the Pope to...

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Traditionally on an Advent wreath with four candles, each candle represents:

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You should fast during Advent.

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According to the Precepts of the Church, it is the duty of every Catholic to go to Confession during the Advent season.

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During Advent, in addition to the Solemnities of Christmas, we also prepare for:

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The "O Antiphons" Of Advent are sung during what days of Advent?

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A Jesse Tree is an Advent tradition in many families. Which of these names of Jesus is NOT used on the Jesse Tree?

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Who is credited with creating the first nativity scene?

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