The Incredibly Hard Joey Tribbiani Quiz

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On Apr 13, 2017
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In Season 1, Monica reveals that Joey was in a Wee One’s production at the little theatre in the park. What was the name of the production?

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What’s the name of the “magic story” after which, according to Joey, the listener will immediately want to have sex with the storyteller?

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How many sisters does Joey have?

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What’s the name of Joey’s Cabbage Patch Kid?

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In which season did Joey use “How you doin’” for the first time?

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When talking to Ross in The Pilot, to what item does Joey compare women to?

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Who’s butt double did Joey play right after signing with his agent, Estelle?

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What’s in "Joey’s special"?

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Which two books did Joey put in the freezer because he got too scared after reading them?

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Which members of the gang has Joey made out with?

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Which volume of encyclopaedia does Joey purchase in TOW The Cuffs?

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What’s Joey’s middle name?

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Which one of these was *not* one of Joey’s many jobs?

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What’s the name of the Japanese Lipstick For Men Joey advertised?

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In TOW The Ride Along, what food was Joey protecting from a gunshot?

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Which one of these is *not* one of Joey’s aliases?

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What was the name of Joey’s imaginary friend, the space cowboy?

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