Can You Make It Out Of This Haunted House Alive? Get 11/14 Questions Right Or R.I.P.

Do you have what it takes to make your way out of a legitimately haunted house? Or are you ghost bait? Find out!

Colonel Mustard
Created by Colonel Mustard
On Oct 16, 2017
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You and your friends have decided to spend a night in that old haunted house at the end of your street. What night is THE night?

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You and your friends walk up the front driveway, laughing and pushing each other as you go. You're completely convinced that there aren't any ghosts in this old place, just a couple of stray cats, and maybe a homeless man.

How do you enter the house?

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You rattle the front door of the house. There's a lock, but it's old and rusted. Your friend breaks it easily, and you all slowly walk into the old entryway.

Where in the house do you go first?

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You've now pretty firmly established that this place is legitimately, definitely haunted.

What is the ONE THING you NEVER do in a haunted house?

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You enter the living room. It's coated in dust, and the smell of mildew overwhelms you. The walls are rotting. What item in this room is definitely haunted, meaning that you should completely avoid it?

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You all briefly walk around the bottom floor of the house, keeping close together. The other rooms seem to be equally decayed, and you can swear you're seeing things move in your peripheral vision, but you assure yourself that the creepy doll must have freaked you out.

You return to the living room as a group. What game do you play?

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A rat scuttles across the floor, and a couple of your friends scream. You laugh at each other for a moment, before someone does a quick headcount. Your best friend has gone missing, and is no longer in the room.

Do you search for your friend?

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You decide to split off into pairs to look for your best friend, that way none of you are by yourselves.

Where do you volunteer to look for your friend?

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The dining room seems pretty empty, but you feel like something is watching your every move. You're afraid to call out your friend's name, trying to stay as quiet as possible. The partner who's searching the dining room with you calls out your missing friend's name over and over.

Suddenly, when your back is turned to them, your partner goes silent. What do you do?

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Your partner is gone. All that remains is a trail of blood, pooling on the floor and soaking the dining room rug. It leads out of the dining room.

What do you do?

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You return to the living room. The doll on the mantle seems to be smiling. No one else is in the room, but there's more blood. You jump--you've heard someone calling your name. It's the voice of your friend who originally went missing. It's coming from upstairs.

Do you go upstairs, or do you go back through the dining room to get to the front door?

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You make your way to the front door, but a dark shape overwhelms the doorway. You quickly make a 180, but dark figures are creeping from the shadows in all directions. There's no choice but to go upstairs.

When you enter the upstairs bedroom, your friend who originally went missing is curled up on the bed, crying. What do you do?

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The walls are groaning, and you hear something clawing at the bedroom door. It's time to leave. How do you exit the house?

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You're finally out of the house. What's the last thing you do?

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