CoinBundle Quiz: Who is Your Cryptopatronus?

Recently spotted in a previously unexplored section of the Moon, these cryptic beasts will help you out on your market quest. Will you choose the magical Unicoin? Or perhaps you will warm up to the Phoen0x. Take this quick quiz to find out!

Created By CoinBundle
On Aug 17, 2018
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You are mostly proud of your...

You mostly fear…

You need a side job for extra investment money. What are you willing to do?

You are in the attic and open an old, dusty box. What do you take out?

What would you choose as your familiar?

If you were stranded alone on an island, what single item would you like to have?

When prices of your cryptos start to drop, what do you do?

Which school of magic do you plan to focus your specialization?

Your broomstick can magically change into…

You would like to take a vacation to…

These glorious, one horned steeds possess mystical powers. They are not competitive or overly ambitious, but should be regarded with the highest esteem. Unicoins typically avoid FOMO investing, and have a firm fondness of Top 50 coins rather than ICOs.

These nonconforming creatures isolate themselves from the busy bustle of blockchain tech. They often attempt to tell the future based on current market trends and technical analysis.

These horse-eagle creatures are immensely proud and extremely dangerous. They are aggressive towards investing and will attack an optimistic opportunity with their talons at the first opportunity.

Massive, dark purple serpents with a bulletproof exoskeleton that can resist the most intense environmental fluctuations. They are born in the murky depths of abandoned repositories and failed transactions.

These truehearted, charming winged creatures will burst into a blazing inferno when they are nearing their death. In their final breath, they are reborn and rise from their ashes. The tears of the loyal Phoen0x possess healing properties, which help them ride out rough storms.

This is your average, everyday crypto investor. Steve is vigilant and security-minded and checks the news feeds on a regular basis so he can remain knowledgeable about all things crypto. Steve likes sprinkles on his ice cream, too.