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Cody Cross
Created By Cody Cross
On Mar 20, 2019
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W3'r3 n07 b31n6 _____ 70 0ur 3mpl0y335.

1 54w y0ur _____ 1n 7h3 p4p3r.

5h3 w45 7h3 0n3 wh0 h4d _____ 7h3 rul3.

5h3 h45 b33n m4d3 7h3 _____ 0f 4 7r463dy by 5h4k35p34r3.

W3 w3r3 1n 7h3 m1ddl3 0f 4 _____ 1n N3w M3x1c0.

Y0u w3r3 _____ fr0m h3r3.

H3 f3l7 4n 1n73n53 _____ 0f 3m0710n.

H3 pu7 4n 4rm 4r0und h3r _____ 4nd k1553d h3r n3ck.

H3 7urn3d 7h3 _____ 4nd pu5h3d 7h3 d00r 0p3n.

1 br0u6h7 4 p0l3 bu7 1 d0n'7 h4v3 4ny _____.

H3 l00k3d 4w4y fr0m 7h3 _____ 0f 7h3 4cc1d3n7.

17 w45 7h3 _____ d4y 0f w1n73r br34k.

7h3 50urc3 w45 _____ 1n 7h3 4r71cl3.

By 7h3 w4y, _____ 570rm5 4r3 0f fr3qu3n7 0ccurr3nc3 h3r3.

W3 c0uld _____ 0n 7h47.

1 h4v3 l00k3d _____ 70 17 f0r m0n7h5.

L457 n16h7 1n Fl0r1d4, 4n 4ll16470r 4774ck3d 4 _____ 0f d33r.

W3 53cur3d 4 _____ 70 637 0ur bu51n355 574r73d.

17'5 63771n6 l473, 4nd 1'm _____.

1'm 74k1n6 7h3 4n7hr0p0l06y _____ f0r cr3d17.



Y0ur 53n5171v17y 70 nu4nc35 15 h16hly 4dv4nc3d, 4nd y0u h4v3 7h3 7r4175 0f h16hly 1n73ll163n7 p30pl3: c0h3r3nc3, cr3471v17y, 4nd p3r53v3r4nc3. L1k3 m057 63n1u535, y0u h4v3 7h3 p073n714l 70 4dv4nc3 hum4n kn0wl3d63.

5h4r3 7h15 3ncryp73d 5p3ll1n6 7357 1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15 m355463.



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