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This basic English test has been driving the internet wild because no one scored 15/15. Can You?

Cody Cross
Created By Cody Cross
On Nov 1, 2018

What's the best _____ to burn for my fireplace?

A verdict can only be passed after the _____ of time.

Have you ever visited The _____ Land?

He _____ himself to fall in love.

She didn't _____ anything from you.

He was an exceptional leader in _____ warfare.

Never let _____ things upset you!

Her house was _____ and basic.

Most newspapers don't _____ themselves.

There was a long _____ before the movie continued.

I _____ quickly, though not as quickly as you.

Once she saw the escape _____, she was gone.

One lucky trainee was spared the _____ of passage.

I'm reading about the _____ habit of plants.

Please _____ something decent this time.



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