Only Americans With A PhD Passed This Logic Test

Is your logic in the 99th percentile??

Cody Cross
Created by Cody Cross
On Mar 20, 2019
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He is the oldest man in the world. Therefore...

If you cut a pie 3 times across, you will end up with...

How often do you play football?

How do you get to school?

How many sides does a circle have?

How long did you study last night?

Where do you usually eat dinner?

Which word best expresses the meaning of: "reassuring"?

How often do you write letters?

Jack's mother had 3 kids. The first was called April. The second, May. What was the third's name?

Jack is British but Rachel isn't. She's American. Therefore...

A cat is bigger than a mouse but smaller than an elephant. Therefore...

Monica is looking after the children. Therefore...

She can hardly see it. Therefore...

My mother is a good cook. Therefore...

She used to smoke cigarettes, Therefore...

What is the square root of 4,096? (NO calculators!)

Does England have a 4th of July?

If today is Wednesday, what will 4 days from yesterday be?



Your IQ range is in the 99th percentile! You have an open mind, boundless imagination, and a driving force to create. You can see problems before they occur, and have elaborate inner dialogues. You are bored if not engaged, and you constantly require stimulus in your fields of passions. Your I.Q. range is evident in college professors and individuals with a PhD. Simply put: You’re A Genius!



Your IQ range is: 70 - 84, which means you're definitely trainable. You used to have difficulties in high school, and you hate dealing with banking and filling out forms. You daydream, and you want to work the hours that work for you. You get out of your own head and tend to lose track of time. By the way, most violent crime is committed by individuals in your IQ range. Is there anything you'd like to share with us?