No One Passed This Basic History Test And It Drove The Internet Crazy

We gave this test to 100 American adults and no one passed. The highest score was 14/20. But you need to get at least 17/20 in order to pass this one. These are tough odds to beat, but give this test the old college try. If you pass, you truly are a genius (and if you don't, you're not... it's called logic;)

Cody Cross
Created by Cody Cross
On May 7, 2019

Which civilization did the Pharaohs rule?

From what country did the Commonwealth of the Bahamas gain independence in 1973?

What was the turning point of the American Revolution?

This Chinese Dynasty did the most work on the Great Wall:

Feudal Japan was characterized by its warrior class, known as:

Which of these grains was the first to be domesticated?

Why did the English colonialists who settled in the original 13 colonies come to the New World?

What was the Industrial Revolution?

What is the name of the culture that is native to Australia?

Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, was established in:

When did the french revolution end?

Who is considered to be the 'Father of the Constitution'?

What did the 'Magna Carta' limited?

Name the only Wonder of the Ancient World that exists today:

Which Roman numeral represents the number 100?

In Egypt, the Sphinx is a creature with the head of a human and the body of a _____.

Who was the only US president to serve more than 2 terms?

What was England's name as a Roman province?

Which famous king had many wives including Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour?

When did World War II start?



Congrats! We gave this test to 100 American adults and no one passed. You must have been a straight 'A' student as a kid. Passionate about history, highly intelligent, and well-read. You tend to daydream and take time for yourself, but you actually observe everything. In the words of Julius Caesar: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Keep it up, and SHARE this basic history test with everyone you know.

You failed :( Try again??

You failed :( Try again??

You're definitely not a historian! But SHARE this basic history test with everyone you know... Please ;)