Can You Pass This Impossible Mental Agility Quiz?

Think you can pass this impossible quiz on your first try?

Cody Cross
Created by Cody Cross
On Oct 24, 2019
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Which number doesn't belong in the following series:
0, 1, 2, 4, 9, 16

Light Bulb is to Filament as Wheel is to _____.

here does the British Prime Minister live?

Samantha can walk 20 miles in 5 hours. At this rate, how many miles can she walk in 4 hours?

Kim is 12 years older than Sue. The sum of their ages is 27. How old is Sue?

Ron was 0.3 of his father's age this year. If he's 12 this year, how old was his father when he was born?

Who is Siddhartha Gautama?

Jimmy bought a boat for $6300. He then sold it for 15% profit. How much money did he sell the boat for?

What country gave Florida to the USA in 1891?

A plane flew for 4 hours AGAINST a 10 mph wind. It then flew for 3 hours WITH the same wind. The plane flew 3560 miles. Find the rate of the plane in still air.



You're a logical, creative thinker, and you can run your mind on multiple tracks at the same time. But can you pass a difficult IQ test from 1975. Take the next quiz to find out.

You failed an advanced mental agility test!

You failed an advanced mental agility test!

Maybe you'll pass an IQ test from 1975? Try the next quiz to find out!