Can You Spell The 20 Words That Most People Cannot?

"Synonym: a word you use is place of the one you cannot spell."

Cody Cross
Created By Cody Cross
On Jan 20, 2018

This tune had been written down by an _____ of music.

We're having an _____ about who should move the heavy couch.

The decision seems to answer the _____.

I think I understand how _____ we are here.

Raymond bit his _____ to keep from saying what he wanted to say.

She was an incredibly _____ worker.

There is no _____ in our town.

She died on the 20th of _____.

The _____ fees are very expensive.

I'd like to get to know my _____ better.

Fill out the _____!

I really have to buy a new _____.

Does your hotel _____ pets?

Wait _____ they arrive, and then leave.

It wasn't _____ she was afraid of.

We're standing right in front of the Oak Street _____.

I really need her _____.

The average _____ for a family is $10,545.

It was all quite absurd and _____.

I can no longer afford my _____.



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