Can You Spell Better Than A 5th Grader?

Only 2% of the population can ace this spelling quiz.

Cody Cross
Created by Cody Cross
On Mar 7, 2019
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A preface or an introduction is a _____.

An elevated structure in a church is an _____.

Standing still is _____.

To break or violate is to _____.

Relating to the mouth is _____.

A group of musical notes is a _____.

Lacking a sense of restraint is _____.

A passage between rows of seats is an _____.

Relating to climate is _____.

Most important is _____.

The standing height of a body is _____.

To praise is to _____.

A signal for action is a _____.

A city that is the seat of the government is a _____.

To inhale is to _____.

Guarded and reserved is _____.

Having two parts is _____.

Not interested is...

To draw out a reaction is to _____.

A paper container for a letter is an _____.



AMAZING! We gave this 5th grade spelling test to 100 people and only 2 aced it. You must be intuitive, shrewd, and sensitive to nuances. Keep up the good work!



You failed a 5th grade spelling test. You can't spell worth a dime. You're easily distracted and you have no self-control. SHARE this spelling test if we're spot-on!

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