A Recent Study Gave This Skills Test To 100 People And Only 2% Passed

Can you beat the odds?

Cody Cross
Created By Cody Cross
On Jan 21, 2018

You need to jump start a car!! -- What is the first thing you do?

Name this tool:

What do you do to get a better shave?

Your car is sinking!! -- What is the first thing you do?

Name this car part:

How do you break down a door?

Now name this tool:

What is this?

You got a flat tire!! -- What is the first thing you do?

This car part is a:

You need to pick a lock with a bobby pin!! -- What is the first thing you do?

Can you name this tool?

And can you name this one?

You need to tie a tie!! - What is the first step?

And finally, name this tool:

You totally nailed it!!

You totally nailed it!!

Way to go!! You are a phenomenal woman!!
A recent study gave this men's skills to 100 women and only 2% passed. You must be a confident, independent woman who knows her own worth, and who would never settle for less than she deserves.
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You failed:(

You failed:(

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