How Big Of A Grease Fan Are You

How well do you know Grease the movie NOT the live. I'm the biggest grease fan there is I've taken every and any Grease quiz I could find. OH and passed with 10/10 or whatever it was on just about every single quiz. The only other one was like 9/10. Only 21 questions so through your mittens around your kittens and away we go

Created By Kat
On Mar 29, 2017

Who plays Rizzo?

Who plays Marty?

What IS Rizzo's First Name?

What is Sandy's last name?

What are the names of all the T-Birds?

How about all of the Pink Ladies. Do ya know their names too?

Who did Marty say was being "adolescent" ?

Who is the host of the dance contest?

Finish the line, "Don't be a slob don't get a job ....

Who say's "She looks to pure to be pink"

Who's sister was also in Grease.

Who does Putzie wind up with at the end of the movie.

What is Marty's last name?

Finish the line, "I've got chills.......

Finish the line, "When I was three I pushed a ..........

Fill in the blank, " As for you __________you I know what you wanna do.

Who was older during filming, Edd Byrnes or Frankie Avalon?

What color is the grease that Danny Zuko uses in the cartoon intro of the movie.

When they sing We Go Together at the end of the movie who is in the picture frame thing with Doody.

What year did Grease come out?

Who died the year they STARTED filming?

LAST QUESTION - Who sings "Grease"

Mega Fan

Mega Fan

You're hopelessly devoted to this movie and love it with a passion. You might want to not watch it every single night and enjoy every second of it. Who am I kidding watch it everyday 25 million times which I clearly don't need to tell you that.

Gettin There

Gettin There

Watch that movie one more time and come right back you were so close I'm sorry. You'll get there.

Greased Lightnin' Well Almost

Greased Lightnin' Well Almost

You kinda remind me of greased lightnin' right before the touch ups. I bet if you really study the movie a few more times you can do this over and get a much better job. I see the potential you have.

Bro Really?

Bro Really?

I think you're a Scorpion or at least not a dedicated t-bird or pink lady. But hey who am I to judge I wasn't either the first time I watched it. So please study study study this movie it's amazing I promise you.