Disney Has Refused To Edit "Beauty And The Beast" To Comply With Malaysian Censors; Did They Make The Right Call?

The new film has overt gay themes that have angered the Malaysian censors but Disney won't cut the one scene out. The film will not be released in the country; did Disney make the right call?

Clark Houston
Created by Clark Houston
On Mar 15, 2017
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Are you excited to see the new Beauty and the Beast?

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Honestly can. not. wait.

But the movie won't be playing in Malaysia...

because Disney have refused to cut a single scene with two men dancing in it. Malaysia doesn't allow LGBT themes in their films, and this, apparently, was too gay for them.

Film Censorship Board
Film Censorship Board say

It is in our guidelines that we don’t allow L.G.B.T. activity in movies in Malaysia, they are the ones not allowing the movie to be shown. We approved it with a minor cut.”

Diseny say

The film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia


Did Disney make the right choice?

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