How Much Of A Once Upon A Time Super Fan Are You?

The really detailed and slightly annoying quiz that makes you question your dedication to the show.

Claire Poteet
Created by Claire Poteet
On Mar 29, 2017
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What level on Diablo was Henry on when Emma went on her date with Walch?

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What side does Emma like with Granny's grilled cheese?

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Which actress plays young Emma Swan?

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What color is the scarf Henry has had since season one?

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What are some nicknames Killian has been called?

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What was the name of the fake publishing office, that Isaac went to when he found out he was the author?

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What kind of donuts does Henry like?

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What is the snow queen's real name?

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In the season four finale what is Killian allergic to?

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In season one, episode one, what was on the back of Emma's chair in her apartment?

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