Can You Name These Bizarre Sports?

Growing up, did you ever invent random games to play with your friends? Well, here's a quiz about some very real sports that seem like they could have started in that very same way. Can you name them?

Claire Cairns
Created by Claire Cairns
On Aug 13, 2015
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Looking like a lovechild of soccer and volleyball, with 500 years of tradition in Asia, this sport is called...

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Started in Sweden in the 1980s, this sport sees trained rabbits negotiating show jumping courses. Official rabbit hopping organizations are now in Norway, Denmark, Australia and the US, but the proper name of the sport is:

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Each year a 9lb wheel of cheese is released on a steep hill near a quaint English village, kick-starting this famous event:

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Like a Japanese version of Capture the Flag, this game sees two teams of 150 youths battling to lower the other teams pole:

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Each year competitors line up in Wales to put on mask, fins and snorkel (wetsuit optional) and make their way through a 120-yard peat bog course to win a world championship. It's called...

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Two teams of six players try to put a saltwater-filled ball into a bucket-like goal to score in this underwater sport, called...

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For more than 20 years there's been a 'wife-carrying' world championships held in Finland, where men run an obstacle course carrying women, to win the women's weight in beer. What is the traditional Finnish name for the sport?

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Since the 14th century, men have been gathering near Edirne, Turkey to test their strength in an epic annual oil wrestling tournament known as:

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Starting in Scotland then spread around the world, this mainstay event of any traditional Highland Games involves throwing a 20-foot, 175lb tapered log across a field:

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