Ninjas All The Way Down

How well do you know your ninja movies?

CJ Lines
Created by CJ Lines
On Jun 22, 2016
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In which "dangerous game" film would you find this ninja judge?

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Name the character Scott Adkins plays in the Isaac Florentine "Ninja" films?

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In which movie would you find this Swedish ninja?

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Which cut-and-paste ninja movie splices ninjas into footage from softcore sex flick Rocky's Love Affairs?

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Which veteran actor frequently played the role of Ninja Master Gordon in the IFD ninja films?

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This artwork shows ninjas vs Linda Blair - which film promises you such joys?

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In the Godfrey Ho classic Ninja Terminator (1985), Jack Lam plays which seminal character?

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Which Shaw Brothers masterpiece showcases "crab style" ninjutsu? (Note: This is the UK title...)

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"Bikers by Day, Ninjas by Night..." These guys feature in which cult classic ninja/synthpop musical?

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Which former male model played the original American Ninja (1985)?

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Ninjas went up against Chuck Norris once. It didn't end well for them. In which film did this happen?

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In which ultraviolent classic does Sho Kosugi forge this metal ninja helmet and "redefine revenge"?

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Who are these devilish ninja characters from an American classic of the VHS era?

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There's only one ninja from Cornwall. What's this much-loved actor's name?

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Lucinda Dickey is possessed by the spirit of an evil ninja with a penchant for tomato juice in which film?

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Behold "the first ninja commandos"! But what do they call themselves and their film?

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Bruce Lee clone Bruce Le directed himself fighting around the world in which 1982 trash classic?

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Complete the line from Ninja Dragon (1986): "You must use the Chinese against the Chinese. You're playing..."

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Name these two buddy actors who teamed up in many Taiwanese ninja films througout the 80s?

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And finally, which nutzoid 1981 Chinese classic features these flying ninjas?

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