The Definitive 5 Factor Personality Test

Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, & neuroticism. How much of these dimensions make up your personality?

Christy Nolan
Created By Christy Nolan
On Mar 29, 2017

I have a vivid imagination.

I pay attention to details.

I am the life of the party.

I am genuinely interested in people.

I get irritated easily.

I appreciate going to art galleries and plays.

I get chores done right away.

I don’t like to draw attention to myself.

I have frequent mood swings.

I have a rich vocabulary.

I follow a strict schedule.

I don’t talk a lot.

I insult people.

I seldom feel blue.

I make a mess of things.

I feel comfortable in most social settings.

I am not interested in other people's problems.

I am relaxed most of the time.

Extremely Agreeable!

Extremely Agreeable!

Agreeableness dominates your personality! You have a kind soul and take genuine pleasure in helping other people and getting to know them. You are also very extroverted which explains why you have such a true interest in other people's lives. Your optimistic nature means you are calm, collected and rarely neurotic. You have a moderate appreciation for trying new things and indulging in cultural activities. You can be responsible when necessary but you rate low on the conscientious scale, you are often forgetful and unorganized. Luckily your people skills make up for your disarray!

Mostly Neurotic!

Mostly Neurotic!

You have a highly neurotic personality. You can be very temperamental and go from high peaks of joy to being agitated very quickly. You are fairly extroverted and have a warm, gentle soul when you are distracted from the things that stress you out. With neuroticism comes creativity, emotional depth and artistic talent. You are very cultured and love expressing yourself creatively as well as being exposed to a multitude of art forms and worldly activities. You tend to be more irresponsible and unorganized than most, but most people with your high level of intelligence are, so own it!

Very Conscientious!

Very Conscientious!

You are a type A personality who is diligent, responsible and organized! You have a totally open mind and love engaging in new activities on exploring new adventures in life. You are a friendly, warm and generous person who takes joy in giving and getting to know new people. Although, it takes you a while to warm up as you are fairly introverted and don't always express yourself openly or assertively enough. You are usually a calm, go with the flow kind of person which is why you rate low on the neurotic scale and why you are such an agreeable personality!

Highly Open Minded!

Highly Open Minded!

You are an extremely open minded person who craves new adventures and loves learning about new cultures and people. Your dominant personality trait is your passion for learning and appreciation for things that are different from you. This also means you are very tolerant, friendly and interested in taking risks. You are also very responsible and conscientious, order and tidiness are very important to your lifestyle. You are not neurotic, in fact you adapt easily to new environments and do not get anxious easily at all. Every day with you is a new adventure!

Mostly an Extrovert!

Mostly an Extrovert!

You are a classic extrovert! You have all the dominant personality traits of an extrovert including confidence, leadership skills and charisma. Because of your fun persona you are very open to new experiences and adventures, you are cultured and intellectual, but you are also quite the pessimist. You can be easily agitated and anxiety ridden and also intolerant. This is mostly because you have such strong opinions and principles and when people don't act in accordance with your moral compass you are bothered. This also explains why you rank lower on the agreeableness scale, but you lovable attitude and free spirit make up for your flaws.