Can You Answer These 21 Questions 98% Of 3rd Graders Can Answer?

Can you get 21/21?

Christina Yang
On Sep 8, 2016

Which is the center of the solar system?

A powerful wave that is cause by an earthquake is:

In the life cycle of a plant, the first stage is:

A herbivore is an animal which eats:

Many animals go to sleep for the winter, what is this known as?

An organism is:

When a liquid is heated up, what happens?

What is a food chain?

True or false: Most mammals hatch from eggs

How would you write the measurement feet?

What is the answer to this Math sum?

Rank the planets in the order of closest to furthest from sun:

How many continents are there in the world?

How many sets of teeth do people get in their lifetime?

What is the hot substance that comes from volcanoes?

Which is not a type of weather system?

Which state of matter can spread out and fill an entire space?

Which is not an ocean?

If you are counting in 5's, what would be the number after 50?

Which is the verb in the sentence: I ran out of the room?

What is it called when light bounces off an object?

A+ Your school teachers would be proud!

A+ Your school teachers would be proud!

Well done! You definitely know what every 3rd grader learns in school! You know all your basics in Chemistry, Math, English and Biology! Your school teachers would be proud!

Oops...You forgot some stuff

Oops...You forgot some stuff

Oops! You are not as smart as the average 3rd grader! But not to matter how old you get, it is never too late to brush up on your favorite 3rd grade subjects!