Third Party Website Reviews About San Jose BMW

Third Party Website Reviews About San Jose BMW

Reviews are extremely important to judge about any website, any company or any product. As it is a trend of online shopping, you just cannot trust an online store for spending your money unless you know for sure that you will be getting quality and comfort and the best way to be sure is to read the reviews about the store.

There are a number of motor vehicle selling companies and San Jose BMW is one of them. From the website you can assume that the shop is pretty good at what they say and do but when we read comments and reviews of San Jose BMW, they are totally opposite.

I am going to discuss a few customer reviews about San Jose BMW given on the third party websites so that you may get the idea of what I am talking about here.

Third Party Website Reviews about San Jose BMW:

One of the customer wrote that San Jose customer service is pathetic as they do not treat their customers with respect. The customer was disabled and the staff practically made joke of him as he couldn’t ride the bike and came for purchasing one.

Another female customer gave similar comments about the staff that they began to flirt with her.You can find plenty of reviews about the poor service of San Jose staff and it is better to read the reviews before going to them for purchase.