Milton Village History Quiz

This cunning and fiendlishly obscure quiz about the history of the village of Milton Cambridgeshire can be played by anyone, because getting the right answers can be a matter of sheer guesswork and incredible luck. One thing guaranteed - you will learn at least one interesting thing about our village!

Chris Thomas
Created by Chris Thomas
On Dec 11, 2016
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In which building in Milton is there
Supposed to be a ghost?

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Where was the War Memorial
originally sited?

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What shop was next to the
first Wagon and Horses

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Who occupied Milton Hall
during World War II

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How many public houses
did Milton have originally?

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What was the price for a father to pay for his daughter to become a seamstress apprentice?

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What other jobs did the
blacksmith do?

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Where was the village pond?

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What was interesting about the fish and chip shop (in the 1930's)

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What was the name of the Blacksmith

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What was the price of a brick? (Used to fund the building of the Chapel)

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Can you name either of
the Milton road sweepers before the war?

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Who had the Chapel built?

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Who was Barnabas Court Named after?

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What is the Greyhound Pub now called? (I know this is not a Greyhound - but it IS a cute dog)

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What was the name for our village in Mediaeval times

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What, apart from farming was Milton’s earliest industry (and no, it was not international freight!)

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What was the main highway for the villagers in the Roman period?

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Who was the earliest Saxon Landlord of the village

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In the Domesday survey, what
Was the main industry for Milton

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What was the population of the village in the Domesday book?

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Who was the Overlord to Milton in the Domesday Book? (no, it was not this castle)

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The Turnpike Keeper‘s Cottage was located at the site of which current pub? (Tip - it wasn't this one)

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Who was responsible for building the first school in Milton, the national parish school? (Photo - pupils from Caldecote)

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Why did Rev William Cole reside in the village? (It wasn't for the cheap petrol!)

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Which fen was NOT common land in 1600? (Photo is Wicken Fen - up North)

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What was the Domesday population in actual number of People?

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Which year was Milton Hall Built by Rev Samuel Knight?

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How long did the hall remain in the Knight family?

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What was the original name for the boating lake? It was named after a famous Italian scene.

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What is the oldest road in Milton? (Tip - not the A14!)

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What year was the clock placed in the church tower?

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Who funded the installation of the clock? (photo is an obscure hint)

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Which year was the clock converted to electricity?

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What year did the Church hall open? (It's slightly less grand than Wimpole Hall)

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What year did the Alexandra Nurseries close? (Might it have looked like this if it were still around?)

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Where is this window?

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What is this bridge called?

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On which road in Milton was this picture taken?

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What is this building?

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What is to the right of the Memorial?

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Where and when is this?

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Name this road in Milton

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Do you know this building?

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Which street is Conder‘s on?

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What is this place?

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Name this dwelling!

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450 Thousand years ago, Milton was covered in...

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135,000 yrs ago, the River Cam would have been home to… (Correct spelling please!)

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What is the more familiar name for the last glaciation?

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Which large animal’s ivory and teeth were found in a gravel pit south of fen road? (Above example found in Siberia!)

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Many of us Miltonians have Neanderthal DNA within us! (is this anyone you recognise?)

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What came first to Milton, the Romans or rabbits?

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There is evidence people lived on the site of Barnabas court in the bronze age: How many
thousand years ago was this?

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Cambridge gained the right to print books in 1534. When was the first book printed?

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On the 8th February, James Smith
was committed to the Castle for theft from Michael Rowan of Milton. What did he steal?

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In which decade was the first notice given for the inclosure of Milton (defining its bounds and properties) and setting the road from Chesterton, through Milton to Ely, and the road
from Milton to Landbeach?

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On 16th December, 1843, notes threatening arson of a coal yard were spread through Milton. This was anger against a Milton charity that provide coal for the poor. Who did the charity exclude?

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On the 25th December, 1869, Mr Smith gave a lecture on Geology at the school in Milton that was very well received. What was the talk about?

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from at least 1850 to 1871, the Robinsons of Bene’t Street gave a Christmas gift of food to the poor of Milton, reaching 40 households. What were the Robinsons by trade?

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