Which Master of Magic Would Be Your Best friend?

Would you be catching a late movie with Merlin, or would you be mastering ancient spells with Dr. Strange!?

Chris Anthemum
Created by Chris Anthemum
On Mar 29, 2017

Welcome to Magic University! We'll teach you many arts, but which type of magic will you major in?

What color will your magic manifest?

Which would you do on your free time?

Do you pull your mystical strength from internal or external forces? Remember, each has a price to pay!

You already picked your major, which class will you take as an elective?

You've ran across a forbidden spell book, you'd be risking your life by opening it... will you read it?

The Warlock Supreme is outside the campus, what will you do!?

You've defeated the Warlock Supreme, he didn't kill anyone (thanks to you), but many are injured! What should we do to him?

Whatever you did to the Warlock has came to haunt us! Hundreds of his minions are all here! Which master spell should we use to finish them!?

You've saved Magic University! What is the next step of your adventure?

Merlin - Master of Magic

Merlin - Master of Magic

There is not ENOUGH to be said about one of the most famous, if not THE most famous sorcerer ever to live! There are countless tales of Merlin, and no one knows which is true for sure.

But what I do know is that Merlin helped usher in the age of Arthur, and you don't think he did that with amateur magic, do you? It is even said that Merlin moved Stonehenge HIMSELF. He is a true master of magic!

You, like Merlin, are honest, understanding and have an affinity with animals, especially dragons! I can already see you and Merlin soaring across the lands atop mystifying and wonderful dragons! It's a sight I look forward to seeing, my friend.

But before you run off and go practice your dragon language, remember… ALWAYS speak respectfully to a dragon, we don’t need you ending up as barbeque, do we?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go find Merlin and travel the world!

The Great Gandalf

The Great Gandalf

Harry Potter better move over, Gandalf is in the house! Might as well take a trip to the wizard store and get a pointy hat! A staff wouldn’t kill you either.

Your best friend would be Gandalf, he remains a looming mystery in The Hobbit, a constant reminder that Middle-Earth is more vast and cryptic than Bilbo realizes. As a powerful wizard, Gandalf generally prefers to keep his powers and motives closely guarded.

You are genuine, interesting, and well beyond your years in wisdom – that’s why Gandalf’s your best friend! And do me a favor, the next time you’re traveling the world with Gandalf, tell him to shave that forsaken beard off! I get itchy just looking at him!

Oh, I almost forgot, I wouldn’t put one of those rings on if I were you~

Dr. Strange - Sorcerer Supreme

Dr. Strange - Sorcerer Supreme


Don't you get tingles just looking at him!? Your best friend would be Dr. Strange! I mean, he's ONLY the Sorcerer Supreme... ya know... gets the save the world every day, same ol' same ol'! (sarcasm alert!)

You are a true student of magic! You have devoted your life to learning and protecting those important to you, it takes a strong and passionate person to do such a thing. That passion to protect is what you share with Dr. Strange, you two will make great friends!

Last time I checked Dr. Strange was busy dealing with some dude named Mephisto or something with this hideous headline! So take your magical mastery and go save the world with your best friend!

Hecate - The Spellcraft Goddess

Hecate - The Spellcraft Goddess

Well LOOOK-EEEEE-HERE! One of my own, are you? Hecate’s my best friend too! I’m so excited to finally meet a TRUE spiritual guru!

Hecate if the Goddess of many things, you name it! The moon, spirits, witchcraft, spell craft, ALL THE GOOD STUFF! I mean, yeeeeeah, Dr. Strange and Merlin are cool and all, but they’re not Gods!

You are pensive, insightful, and are in tune with the world around you. You and I can see through all the games and look right towards the truth, that’s why Hecate would be your best friend!

I welcome you with open arms! So we get low on the underworld dance floor on Friday nights, we have dinner with Zeus on Saturdays, and we end the week off with a nice tea and ambrosia with Artemis and Apollo on Sundays!

Ready to have some fun~?

Loki - God of Mischief

Loki - God of Mischief

Just imagine how much fun you could have with the God of Mischief! When he’s not ruining Thor’s life, you guys could be out on the town making a little bit of mayhem wherever you go!

I don’t know if there IS another person who could “turn up” quite as hard as the God of Mischief! He’s the master of illusions, too! And that’s where you two fit perfectly!

You are illusive in the best way possible, intriguing, and ultimately a mystery. It’s not easy for people to understand you, but Loki would! He knows what it means to feel like no one gets you, and I assure you that there isn’t a better friend in the world than one who understands how you feel.

See if you can lift Thor's hammer when you get the chance, I dare ya!

Doctor Doom!

Doctor Doom!

I think someone must have gone to the dark side... is it because they have cookies there?

You’ve turned towards a path of dark magic and domination. You are confident, brave, and ambitious. That is precisely why you and Doctor Doom would be two peas in a dark, evil pod. Despite his plans to take over the world, the man is nothing short of a genius!

Doctor Doom knows what it takes to succeed, and I know you do too. My only, little itty bitty witty problem is that you know how to take over the world.. Then the Silver Surfer might come, and a WHOLE can of worms will open up. So behave, okay?

And be sure to enjoy yourself before the Fantastic Four come and ruin all your fun. 'Cause best believe, they are COMING.

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