The Definitive Test For The World Religions! How Will You Do?

The best way to understand yourself is the understand the beautiful world around you. See if you truly understand World Religions with these 15 questions.

Chris Anthemum
Created By Chris Anthemum
On Sep 14, 2016
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The main piece of extra-biblical writing that is utilized by Jews is known as:

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Which of the following sects of Jewish leaders during Jesus' day did not believe in the resurrection?

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The mental and physical exercise known as yoga evolves from what religion?

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The written form of Buddha's teachings, rules of monastic discipline, and speeches is called:

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Where is the holiest city in Islam located?

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The word "Qur'an" (Koran) means:

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What is the main sacred text of Zoroastrianism?

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How many gods are there in Buddhism?

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According to the bible, the final and conclusive battle between good and evil will take place in what place, whose name today symbolizes any great and decisive battle?

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The sacred Hindu texts are known as:

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Islam allows a man to have more than one wife, but restricts the number of wives to at most how many wives?

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How many noble truths are there is Buddhism?

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Who is the Hindu god associated with rain?

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What is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States?

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Which of these is not a kind of Hinduism?

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