Every College Student Struggled With Answering Questions That A Kindergartener Can - Can You Nail These!?

Those 5 years old are getting smarter every day!

Chris Anthemum
Created by Chris Anthemum
On May 24, 2017
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"In complete control" - choose the piece below that best captures that quote.

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How many circles can you count in this illusion?

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The number of chicken triples every day, there were 2 chickens on the 21st day. How many chicken were there on the 20th day?

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How many bears are in this picture?

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Bill's birthday is first.
Jon's birthday is the day after Bill's.
Dad's birthday is last.
Mom's birthday is on the same day of the week as Dad's birthday.
Hada's birthday is the same week as Mom's birthday.
Kate's birthday is after Hada's birthday but is before Wes's birthday.
Add the number of Mom's birthday and the number of Kate's birthday.

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14 balloons.
A majority of the balloons are yellow.
There are fewer green balloons than any other color.
There are 4 red balloons.
There is 2 more blue balloon than green balloons.
How many green balloons + red balloons - blue balloons?

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Kiki is behind the tallest try. Jay is behind the smallest tree. Emerald is behind the second to smallest tree, which section of the picture is Kiki in?

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