Could You Be A Mad Scientist? Less Than 10% Of People Can Make The Cut!

He's aliveeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Chris Anthemum
Created by Chris Anthemum
On Jun 6, 2017

Hi there! Let's see if you have what it takes! I'll start this off easy. Negatively charged particles in an atom are called:

Substances that can not be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical reactions are called:

Pick your mad scientist hair: (consider this a mad stylist situation, I don't understand it either):

A particle with a negative or positive charge is referred to as:

A chemical bond where electrons are transferred from one atom to another is a(n):

Pick your mad scientist lab coat:

The bond which is found between water molecules is a(n):

A chemical bond in which one pair of electrons is shared between atoms is a(n):

Which will be your signature?

All of the following are organic compounds EXCEPT:

Energy needed for chemical reactions in the body is provided by the breakdown of:

Choose a mad scientist mid-day snack:

Which of the following describes the most acidic solution?

The building blocks of proteins are:

Thanks for taking my quiz! Pick your favorite mad scientist shirt before you go:

Let's Settle For Quantum Physics

Let's Settle For Quantum Physics

I'm sure you'd make some amazing rockets and figure out the space-time continuum, but the mad scientist route is not your cup of uranium tea.

But still, get yourself a lab coat and go teach a class! You'd probably be an amazing professor.

Have fun teaching NASA how to make rocketships!

Mad Scientist In Training

Mad Scientist In Training

You're almost there!

A few more explosions, evil creations, and chemical burns and you'll be there in no time! You're right on pace to becoming a wonderfully mad scientist!

What will be your main experiments: animals, nature... or... dare I say it... humans!?

Totally Bonkers!

Totally Bonkers!

You've clearly lost a few marbles, and you'd make a wonderful scientist - mind you, you got most of your problems wrong - but that's what makes you dangerous!

You'd be throwing explosives everywhere! You'd be turning men into frogs and changing children into lions! You'd be totally bonkers!

*cough* Maybe you alright are... 0_0



Finally! A true mad scientist!

You got most of the answers right! And that's okay, because the stuff you got wrong, you were supposed to get wrong! A true mad scientist knows the stuff that they need to throw out the window.

Be safe with explosives? Out the window!
No poisonous substances? Out the window!
Don't use uranium? Out the window!

Grab yourself a lab coat, some of the god-awful glasses, get a blow dryer to get your hair going - and do something mad sciency!

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