How Excited About Mission Trips Are You?

Mission Trips are just around the corner! Find out how excited you are for them by taking this quiz!

Chloe Paman
Created by Chloe Paman
On Mar 4, 2016

Is this your first Mission Trip?

Have you been counting down the days until your trip leaves?

Is your luggage packed and ready to go?

How often does your Mission Trip cross your mind?

What are you doing on your Mission Trip?

Have you slept in all of your Mission Trip shirts already?

Chose a color.



As of today, March 4, 2016, we have TWO more days until Mission Trips are leaving, and you probably already knew that! Whether it be your first time going or your 3/4 time you already feel like part of your Mission Trip family and are ready to make more memories with your Academy Sisters! <3

You're pretty neutral

You're pretty neutral

Teresa (shown above) is pretty excited about Mission Trips. It just hasn't hit her that she's going in two days!