Why Use an Ergonomic Mouse?

Created By chickimonya
On Jan 31, 2018
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Ergonomic Mouse: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

In this short article we will try to answer a few popular questions like “What is actually an ergonomic computer mouse?” and “Is there any difference between ergonomic and ordinary computer mouse?”

As we see from any consumer electronics store’s range – one can spend a weekend choosing the right computer mouse. Even a device with such minor functions like computer mouse nowadays has a whole bunch of shapes, colors and button options.

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If you ever heard about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, - well, it is a very spread computer mouse related injury. We think that is was a main reason to invent something new. Something that to day we call Ergonomic.

1.     First and the most important feature of such a computer mouse – it has to repeat the curves of your wrist. Why it is important? When you use a regular mouse – you unnecessary twist your forearm back and forth without a cause. Designers have solved this issue giving a new mouse a new Shape!

2.     Some inventors went even further and calculated how much energy is wasted with just “mousing”. Some of them tried to fix this by adding new types of materials that dramatically reduce tension. Less tension – less energy you use when you move it. Bright and simple!

3.     Of course – you can’t call a mouse an ergonomic one if it comes with a wire. No! The ancient times when all such devices came with a wire are over. They consume batteries now, but with a good one – wireless mouse will run for a year or maybe more!

4.     Another minor, but still important factor – people have different hand sizes. And the more sized an ergonomic mouse can fit – the more successful one or another model becomes. Do not hesitate to practice in a nearby store – computer mouse should fit the hand PERFECTLY – otherwise the whole purchase may turn into another frustrating waste of cash. Don’t hurry and try all the operations you would try at home on your PC. Even a slight imposition or discomfort is a signal to go and chose some other model.

5.     A few words about hand support. Many people face symptoms that vary from a minor discomfort to a pain in the forearm area. Why? Because of the hand support which is missing. An ergonomic mouse of the right choice will make the problem disappear and spread the pressure from your hand properly.

6.     There are of course some other features that are not quite related to health. For example the scrolling speed. In a world with giant text documents and very long web sites it can be a very useful feature! Plus some people pay attention to the number of buttons. A modern ergonomic mouse has way more buttons than its old predecessors. Many people say that some are completely useless, but some can really make your computer experience brighter. Latest ergonomic mouse has features like “go back” and “express scroll”