How well do you know actor Terry Kinney?

Actor/director Terry Kinney gets around. Arguably best known for his portrayal of Tim McManus on HBO’s prison drama “Oz,” the 61-year-old has fleshed out roles in dozens of other TV shows and films, including Julia Stiles’ dad in “Save the Last Dance.” Boss. But he got his start at Steppenwolf – that Chicago theater giant where Kinney's currently directing an adaptation of John Steinbeck's “East of Eden.” Take this short quiz to find out just how well you know the man – the myth – that is Terry Kinney.

Chicago Tonight
On Mar 29, 2017
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In 1988, Steppenwolf produced another Steinbeck epic: “The Grapes of Wrath” – which starred Kinney, Gary Sinise and John C. Reilly and which went on to Broadway, winning two Tony awards. However, when the play first premiered in 1988, the Chicago Tribune’s theater critic mostly wrote it off, calling the adaptation “sluggish,” with “amazingly little to offer in strong performances.” But what did he say about Kinney?

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Which actress is Kinney married to?

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Kinney’s done plenty of acting, but what was the first feature film he ever directed?

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In 2000, he directed a Steppenwolf production that transferred to Broadway and went on to win the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play. Name it.

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Kinney has a known fear of…

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