Remembering The Wonderful Films Of John Hughes!

John Hughes wrote some of the most memorable movies of the '80s and 90s! He is responsible for films such as "National Lampoon's Vacation" all the way to the 2001 film "Just Visiting," and so many others in between.

National Lampoon's Vacation

The Griswolds Go To Wally World!

Clark Griswold wanted to spend more time with his wife and children, so he decided to plan a road trip from their suburban home in Chicago all the way to California. He just wanted to give his family a memorable vacation... and they got a little more than he bargained for! They are targeted by vandals, have to deal with cranky Aunt Edna, lose Ellen's credit cards, get stranded in the desert between Utah and Arizona, all before finally arriving at Wally World... which has been closed down for repairs. This is the second feature film written by John Hughes.

Sixteen Candles

Samantha ("Sam") and Jake share a kiss over a birthday-cake with 16 candles.

Sam Struggles Through Her Sixteenth Birthday

Samantha "Sam" Baker is a high school sophomore. Her parents overlook her 16th birthday due to her sister's wedding, which takes place the very next day. She is interested in Jake Ryan, one of the most popular boys in her school. The whole day is an emotional roller-coaster for Sam. However, in the end she gets the boy and they share their first kiss over 16 candles.
Written by Hughes in 1984, this romantic comedy was also his first foray into directing.

The Breakfast Club

The Criminal, The Athlete, The Basketcase, The Princess, & The Geek

Don't you forget about them! This "coming of age" story revolves around a detention group of very different people. Even though they had different interests, these kids were able to find common-ground through their time in detention. Their principal tries to teach them respect and responsibility, but they end up teaching each other that even though they have their differences - they are all just trying to find themselves.

Pretty In Pink

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Duckie dances to "Try A Little Tenderness" ... he loves Otis.

Pretty In Pink is the third Hughes film to star actress Molly Ringwald! It is somewhat similar in plot to "Sixteen Candles" but I enjoyed this one a lot more... primarily due to John Cryer's performance as Duckie.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One Last Day Of Fun Before High School Ends

Ferris just wants to have fun! He decides to fake being sick to stay home, before calling over his best friend Cameron to help him get his girlfriend Sloane out of school too. After that, the three go out into the city and enjoy the day. They go to a ball game, eat at a fancy restaurant and make it home in time for dinner.

Hughes wrote this screenplay in less than a week, and filming only took around 3 months. This was the 10th highest-grossing film of 1985!

Plains, Trains, & Automobiles

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This is one of the very few Thanksgiving movies out there. Watching this has been a turkey-day tradition in my house for almost 20 years now!

Home Alone

Kevin VS The "Wet Bandits"

When Kevin McCallister's family accidentally leave him home alone for the Christmas holiday, he thinks he made them disappear with his wish to "never see any of [those] jerks again!" There are also two burglars working his neighborhood while it's inhabitants are gone, and Kevin manages to scare them away from his house before they realize that he is the only one there. When they decide to come back anyway, Kevin has traps ready for them: and hilarity ensues.
This was the first Hughes film of the '90s, and it became an instant holiday classic!