How Well Do You Remember Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks is, to this day, one of the coolest TV shows I've watched. How well do you remember the events of David Lynch's Twin Peaks?

Chibuike Styles
On Jan 19, 2017
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Everything changed for the small town of Twin Peaks when the body of _____ _____ washed up on a riverbank.

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This is the special agent sent by the FBI to investigate the situation in Twin Peaks. What is his name?

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In which state of the United States of America does the fictional city of Twin Peaks exist?

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This is "The Man from Another Place." Who is his nemesis?

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This is Pete Martell. He found the body wrapped in plastic, and is the manager of the Packard _____.

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What is the town Sheriff's name?

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Deputy Tommy Hill is referred to as "_____" due to his incredible tracking skills.

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Do you remember the real name of the location that was usually referred to as "the roadhouse?"

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There is a cave in Ghostwood National Forest inhabited by many owls. What is it called?

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This is Laura Palmer's best friend, _____, who is obsessed with finding Laura's killer.

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The Black Lodge is located in another dimension, but it has an entrance located in ...

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Denise Bryson works for the government as a _____ agent.

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What is the name of the secret organization that protects Twin Peaks from darkness?

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Agent Cooper stays at the Great Northern Hotel in room ___.

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The residents of the Black Lodge feed on negative feelings, which they call _____.

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