Can You Pass 5th Grade Science?

Here is a "Pop Quiz" that you might be given in a 5th Grade Science class. Let's see how well we stack up against a 5th Grader shall we?

Chibuike Styles
Created by Chibuike Styles
On Jul 22, 2016
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Which form of the sun’s energy provides solar power?

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Which law of motion says that it is harder to move something with a larger mass?

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Which of these X-Y chromosome pairs is not possible?

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When heat is transferred through a solid object it is:

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Which of these is NOT a form of energy we get from the sun

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What is the food that plants make for themselves through the process of photosynthesis?

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What force pulls all objects toward the center of the Earth?

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Plants trap energy from sunlight in their _____ for photosynthesis.

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Which law of motion says that an object in motion will stay in motion unless another forces changes that?

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Where is DNA located?

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How does energy from the sun travel to the earth?

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If I melt 50 grams of ice in 150 grams of water, how much water will I end up with?

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When heat is transferred through a liquid or gas it is:

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What force resists motion between two objects?

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Which of these is a conductor?

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