Do You Have The Legal Mind Of Saul Goodman?

There's ethical and then there's Saul Goodman ethical. Where do you fall?

Chet Hunter
Created by Chet Hunter
On Apr 19, 2017

An incredibly wealthy, but also very sketchy businessman calls you asking for legal counsel. You...

A business partner wants to cut you out of the big case you did all the work on. So you...

You lose your million dollar clients to another law firm, so you...

Business is down and you need to drum up some new clients. So you...

How to you feel about staged stunts to gain notoriety?

You're setting up a new legal office in the location of...

You suspect a business screwing over your client and find them shredding documents. So you...

You have a big day in court and need to command attention from the room. What are you wearing?

Nope. You're more of a Chuck.

Nope. You're more of a Chuck.

You're far too straitlaced to be Saul Goodman. You know the law, but you have a strict ethical code and don't break the rules.

You have the legal mind of Jimmy McGill.

You have the legal mind of Jimmy McGill.

You could have the legal prowess of Saul Goodman... one day. For now though you're Jimmy McGill. You bend the rules, but don't quite have the bravado yet to break them all the way.

Without a doubt, you are Saul Goodman.

Without a doubt, you are Saul Goodman.

Yep, you definitely have the know how to run the Saul Goodman law firm. You dress flashy and set up shop strategically where people are in need of legal counsel. You're not above dealing with shady clients as long as they don't call you on your cell phone and have probably dived in more than a few dumpsters to dig up dirt.