How Good Are You at Pentatonix Lyrics?

How good are you really at Pentatonix lyrics? Find out! By the way, these are all songs from their newest album, titled, Pentatonix.

Chelsea D
Created By Chelsea D
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which song is this lyric from: "Fame, money, and finer things, found your worth in the following."

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"So count your blessings everyday, it makes the monsters go away."

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"Heart beats fast for words I can't take back."

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"All around, the wind blows, we would only hold on to let go."

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"Kissing in the moonlight, movies on a late night, getting old."

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"Fire, fire rising inside me, liar, liar, treat me so bad."

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"Would you stay, dare to push me away, I just can't return anymore."

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"It doesn't matter if you're way off track, feel like you're headed for a heart attack."

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