The Tale of Once Upon A Time's Emma Swan In 9 Gifs

In honor of the series' return and Jennifer Morrison's birthday!

It all started with just a pretty girl who collected money owed.

And then Henry came along and changed her entire world and brought her to Storybrooke.

And at first, there was a lot of skepticism and looks like this...

But then she proved why she was the Savior and became a super badass and ended up helping out countless times.

And then this happened. (And audiences everywhere cheered and the Captain Swan ship set sail.)

And it didn't start out so well....but it turned into a pretty awesome relationship. A solid, serious one.

But then....some terrible darkness took over her life.

And created this, the Dark Swan creature. Thankfully, this didn't last too long though.

And now, she is just trying to live her life but (of course) since it's an ABC show, that can't happen. So it's not smooth sailing.

Fingers crossed that Emma gets to find her happy ending after she's helped so many others!

How do you hope her story goes? Let us know in the comments below!