How do you define your-SELF?

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On Oct 4, 2019
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When in a group, I tend to speak and act as the representative of that group

I am not usually quiet when I am with other people.    

When faced with a leadership position, I tend to actively accept that role rather than give responsibility to others.

I would rather meet new people than read a good book.

Sometimes I ask more from my friends or family than they can accomplish.   

I enjoy going out frequently.

It's important to me that people follow the advice that I give them.   

I like to entertain friends.    

When I am in charge of a situation, I am comfortable assigning others to specific tasks

I often go out of my way to meet new people.

In social settings, I find myself asking more questions of others than they ask of me.     

I often find myself playing the role of leader and taking charge of the situation.

I truly enjoy being part of a group.

When I see that things aren't going smoothly in a group, I usually take the lead and try to bring some structure to the situation.

I make friends very easily.    

Other people usually think of me as being energetic.

I am a verbal person.  

I try to be supportive of my friends, no matter what they do.

I find it easy to really enjoy myself at a lively party

When in a leadership position, I like to clearly define my role and let followers know what is expected

I consider myself to be good at small talk.    

I am very good at persuading others to see things my way.

I, usually, can let myself go and have fun with friends.

I prefer the simple, quiet life.

You are in a group conversation and someone makes a statement that you know is incorrect. You are not sure the others caught it. Do you let them know? 

After a hard day at school I prefer to:

When planning a social outing with a small group, I am most likely to:  

You have just finished taking the ACT, which you studied very hard for. To celebrate you are likely to:

If I feel that I am underpaid for my work, I'm most likely to:

I think that those around me see me as primarily:    



1. Persuasive, people person, ambitious
2. “We are important.”
3. Disapproval from others, rejection, no longer influential
4. Becomes reactive and/or impatient
5. Opportunities to grow and attention from others



1. Responsible, aggressive, goal focused
2. “I am important.”
3. Not having influence/control, not meeting their own standards
4. Acting independently, more stubborn
5. Opportunity, control, recognition



1. Compromising, adaptive, flexible
2. “They are important.”
3. Conflict, disharmony, not being liked
4. Using others, following the crowd
5. Acceptance, friendships, teamwork



1. Stable, predictable, analytical
2. “It is important.”
3. Making a mistake, being wrong, losing influence and credibility
4. Withdrawing, over-analyzing, aggressive
5. Accomplishment, physical reward

How do you define your-SELF?