Can You Complete the Donny Hathaway Lyric?

Donny Hathaway had a short, but prolific music career. How well do remember the lyrics to some of his biggest hits?

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On Mar 29, 2017
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You Are My Heaven: "If someone tries to tell you that I do not__________/Tell them they must be out of their mind"

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This Christmas: "And as I look around/Your eyes__________, they do"

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Where is the Love: "Oh how I wish I never met you/I guess it must have been my__________"

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I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know: "Is that any way for a man to carry on/Do you think I want my__________gone"

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She is My Lady: "She touched my heart with the sweet song she was singing/Brought back the__________into my days"

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A Song For You: "And if my words don't come together/Listen to__________/'cause my love is in there hiding"

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For All We Know: "This may only be a dream/We come and we go/Like the__________/So love me"

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Giving Up: "But in my heart I pray/That my__________/In the girl/Will bring her back someday"

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