QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Little Mix 'Glory Days' Era?

It might not be over yet but we're helping you scrub up on your knowledge of Little Mix's Glory Days era.

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On Nov 18, 2017
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Which of these is a track on the Platinum Edition of Glory Days?

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When Was Glory Days Released?

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How Many Shows Are In The October/November 2017 Tour?

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Who Have Little Mix Collaborated With On Glory Days?

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As Of September 2017 How Many Copies Had Glory Days Sold?

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Which Track Was Not A Promotional Single?

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Little Mix Won A BBC Radio 1 Teen Award In 2017 For?

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Which Is The Most Successful Single From Glory Days So Far?

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Where Was The First Mainland Europe Date Of The Glory Days Tour?

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Glory Days Was The Longest Reigning Number One From A Girl Group Since Which Girl-bands Debut Album?

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