Guess The Song: Bea Miller "Aurora" Edition

To celebrate the release of Bea Miller's new album "Aurora", we've created a quiz to see how well you know the songs on the album! Share your result with us on Twitter @CelebMix.

Created by CelebMix
On Feb 24, 2018
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"Got caught in the game that you play with my mind"

2 / 10

"I just wanna rock the boat and kiss and tell"

3 / 10

"Don't get too comfortable in my skin"

4 / 10

"Here again to test the water"

5 / 10

"Your happiness don't need a censor"

6 / 10

"I need to make it back to watch That '70s Show"

7 / 10

"Don't know how to escape from this prison"

8 / 10

"Don't call me just because you have nobody else"

9 / 10

"Can't get you out my mind, when I'm alone at night"

10 / 10

"And I can't take it when you look me in my eyes"

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