How much did these cattle make?

How much did these cattle make? - Quiz created by Catherina Cunnane of That's Farming

Catherina Cunnane
Created by Catherina Cunnane
On Apr 20, 2018
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First up... This bullock went under the hammer at Ballinasloe Mart, weighing 605kg.. what sum was he acquired for?

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Next up is a candidate from Roscommon Mart... this bullock sold for what price tag? He was 890kg!

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Crossing over to Raphoe Mart now, this cull cow made how much?

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We're heading back to Roscommon Mart once again for this bull weanling. Hitting the scales at 310kg, where did the bidding finish up for this CHX?

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And a final question for you mart maniacs... Balla Mart earlier this month, this 935kg CH bullock born in Aug-2015 hit what price?

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