Can Your Eyes See These Almost Invisible Objects?

How sensitive are your eyes to color? Find out now!

Cassie Johnston
Created by Cassie Johnston
On Nov 24, 2016

Let's start off easy:
Which letter do you see last?

Another easy one: what is the last number you can see?

What is the last shape you see?

Now it becomes a little harder:

You Passed!! Expert Color Vision!

You Passed!! Expert Color Vision!

You have flawless vision and a rare gift for color sensitivity.

Getting such a high score in this confusing test, means that you are a real fighter. You didn't give up, even when the questions were extremely tricky. You were able to stay focused in order to complete this test perfectly.

That's, by the way, exactly the type of personality you have. You never give up, you work hard to achieve your goals and when people are asked to describe you, the first two words they use are: "Smart" and "perfectionist".
That's quite an impressive combination of traits, reserved only to the most talented leaders and real superstars. WOW!

You have minor color vision deficiency.

You have minor color vision deficiency.

You are almost a color sensitivity expert!!

Based on this test, you could have a slight color vision deficiency. This means your eyes are sensitive to some shades of color but not others. Despite your average vision, you are extremely intelligent and driven.

You failed: Logical vision

You failed: Logical vision

Your vision is more logical than sensitive!

Based on your results from this color sensitivity test, your vision is more logical than sensitive! This isn't a bad thing, it just means that your color vision is connected to the logical side of your brain and the color sequences you see are formed in a more logical way! You are very talented when it comes to logic and reasoning which is a huge advantage!