Which Paladin of Voltron Are You?

This is a personality quiz loosely based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. You will not find any "What is your favorite animal/color" in this quiz! This is purely based on each character's defining qualities and you will be matched up to the paladin most closely possessing some of your own traits. Have fun!

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On Feb 3, 2018

Are you street smart or book smart?

What is your greatest strength?

Do you take the initiative?

How adaptable are you?

Do most people look to you for direction or advice?

How impulsive are you?

Do people generally define you as reserved or quiet?

Do you let your emotions get in the way of your decisions?

How social are you?

How playful are you?

Are you competitive?

What is your biggest flaw?

What is your general demeanor, or a feeling you associate yourself with the most?

Do you have a short temper?



You're Shiro! A natural leader and an inspiration to people, you likely come off much older than you are. You are a strong, yet warm presence that motivates others to do great things.

You may come across as very serious and disciplined, but that doesn't mean you are incapable of having fun. You may seem put together on the outside, but unbeknownst to everyone else, you still don't exactly know what you're doing.

You are filled with willpower and always have to keep yourself occupied with something productive. A lot of the time, you may find it hard to sit down and relax, because you have so many thoughts running through your head and so many things to achieve.

Underneath your calm and collected demeanor are anxieties and insecurities that you, for the most part, keep concealed rather well. You are often the one who will take the initiative of a situation, whether it's because it comes naturally to you, or because it's expected.



You're Allura! You're a bold, strong leader with a powerful presence. You're collected and presentable on the outside, but prone to bottling up your insecurities and problems on the inside. You're compassionate to those in need, but always put justice forefront, even if it means you have to step on some toes. But you do have a soft and playful side and love making connections with others.

You are committed to your tasks at hand and do not accept failure as an option. Because of your stubbornness, you may come off too strong to some people, but it's because your heart is in the right place. You are also organized, goal-oriented and are willing to take others' input before making an important decision.



You're Hunk! Warm, compassionate, social, and a realist. You're an incredibly loyal friend who's analytical to a fault, and passionate about your hobbies. While you may come across as a ball of sunshine, that doesn't mean you aren't wary of those who seem untrustworthy or prone to taking advantage of you, or your friends. You also have no trouble calling out your friends on their questionable shenanigans in order to keep everyone safe (and may come off petty in doing so).

You would like to avoid as much conflict as you can and prefer to pick the easy way out, if possible. You're not entirely welcome of change and it takes you time to adapt, because you're afraid of the unknown. This probably makes you incredibly anxious.

While you don't take the initiative very often, you will when you have particularly strong feelings or beliefs in the situation. You tend to be laid back and seemingly unmindful of things on the surface, but you are actually very calculated and aware of your surroundings.



You're Pidge! Science in particular never ceases to amaze you, but keep in mind, there's more to you than just smarts. You're also a decisive and curious individual, always reading up on things that interest you in your spare time. It's likely that most people lovingly refer to you as a "dork" or "nerd."

You may not be a social butterfly and would probably prefer to be at your computer or on your phone, but if someone brings up something that interests you, you probably can't stop talking about it. It can take you some time to open up to people, but once you're past that, you offer great companionship.

You may also be incredibly stubborn, which can cause some rifts in friendships. But your stubbornness can also lead to your accomplishments.

You are also likely a night-owl who thrives off inspiration in the moment, and must get things finished before it wears off. You are prone to overanalyzing things in the long-run, but because of this, you aren't impulsive and tend to look at a situation from every angle before making a decision.



You're Lance! Enthusiastic, charming, and the life of the party, you tend to be known as the "goofball." You are the shining definition of adaptability, and often go with the flow, if the situation allows for it. You may thrive off of social interaction and love to have fun. You tend to be excitable and loud, but that doesn't mean you don't have some insecurities about your place in the world.

Once you start thinking negatively, you can't think of anything else and need a good pep-talk in order to get back on your feet. But when you're in a good mood, everyone knows it, and it tends to rub off on others. However, you may have a need to appease or impress others in order to feel accepted. You are also known to be incredibly competitive with other strong personalities willing to humor you.



You're Keith! Spontaneous, rigid, and full of strong emotions, you are a very distinct personality. You wear your heart on your sleeve and this is either something you're proud of, or something you absolutely despise.

Despite not feeling comfortable around people, you seek interaction, intimacy, and a permanent place to call your own. You are not a fan of change. You're often misunderstood and may constantly feel out of place, which leads to severed connections with others.

Even though uprooting your life or your relationships isn't something you enjoy doing, it's something you're used to. You may be socially awkward and unable to connect to people easily. But once you form a close bond with someone, you're at their side until the end.

When you let your emotions get the best of you, you may take out your negative feelings on others without meaning to. You tend to have a one-track mind, but you are bound to accomplish the task at hand because of your determination.

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