What kind of Philion are you?

Hi everyone! This is my second quiz and it's all about Philip Michael Lester ;) No cheating! :D Hope you guys enjoy it!

Created By Carol
On Mar 29, 2017

What does Phil always say when his videos start?

What colour are Phil's eyes?

What's Phil's favourite animal?

Does Phil swear?

What is Phil's favourite colour?

Does Phil know how to prank people?

What colour is Phil's hair?

Who is Phil's best friend?

What's Phil's favourite time of the year?

What is Phil's favourite band?

What is his YouTube channel's name?

What is his first video ever called?

When was he born?

What is Phil's favourite food?

What's his least favourite food?

What's his side channel called?

What is Phil's full name?

What is Phil's biggest fear?

What's the name of the notable YouTube challenge that Phil created?

And finally!: When Phil smiles, how do you feel?

Thanks for participating! Hope you enjoyed it! Maybe share? Thank you and goodbye! (PS- The answers don't affect the results.)

You are the New Philion!

You are the New Philion!

You're still experiencing the Phil world! Stalking him, watching all of his videos in one week... That process is still going.
You smile when he smiles and you feel all warm and fuzzy when he talks.
You'll turn into one of us in less than a minute, don't worry! ;)

You are the Stalker Philion!

You are the Stalker Philion!

Your room is filled with Phil isn't it?
You're definitely the Stalker Philion, without a doubt!
You love Phil and you spend most of your free time staring at his ocean eyes.
Don't worry! You're not the only one! :D

You are the True Philion!

You are the True Philion!

What can I say? You are a true Philion! Nothing more, nothing less!
You love Phil so much that you wanna keep him forever and hug him, never letting go of him.
You are protective but nice, smart but sweet and funny but calm.
When you hear his name you immediately search for the sound and your smile grows every time you see his blue ocean eyes..

Congrats! <3