Your Dating Tendencies Will Reveal Which Color Looks Best On You

Tell us your dating habits and we'll tell you what color you should wear on your next date!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Feb 4, 2023
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What kind of dater are you? Do you have certain habits or patterns that you go through on each date? Tell us what these habits are and we'll be able to tell you what color looks best on you and what you should wear on your next date!

How do you tend to meet your dates?

What dating app do you use?

Where do you like to meet on dates?

When do you like to go on dates?

What do you do at the end of a first date?

What is the perfect thing to wear on a first date?

What would you bring on a date?

What is your favorite place to meet for a date?

What do you tend to do on dates?

How do you follow up after dates?

You should wear white!

You should wear white!

White really freshens up a wardrobe! You look good in white because your personality is so fresh and exciting. Try wearing a bright, white sweater, shoes or a belt.

You should wear green!

You should wear green!

You are the rare person that looks absolutely great in green. Either you have green/hazel eyes or olive skin. But either way, green is a fresh, lovely color that you should wear on a date! Try a green sweater, dress or accessory!

You should wear pink!

You should wear pink!

You look amazing in pink! No matter your gender, pink looks great on everyone and compliments most skin tones. Try a pink sweater, skirt, or full-length dress!

What do you usually talk about on dates?

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