We Bet We Can Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on Your Fav Comfort Foods

Which food seems the most comforting to you? The result will reveal your zodiac sign!

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Jul 29, 2023
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Each zodiac sign has their own unique personality. Whether you are Earthly like Taurus or Fiery like Leo, you probably still have a soft spot for comfort foods. Choose your fav comforting dishes and we'll reveal your zodiac sign and mystical personality that goes along with it! > > We Know It Sounds Crazy, But We Can Determine Your Next Job Based on Your Fav Foods

Which of these comfort foods looks tastiest?

Which comfort food would you eat right now if you could?

Of these, which would you eat first?

What would you eat for lunch?

How about these odd ones? Which looks best?

Which of these could you eat the most of?

Which of these desserts are you drawn to most?

Which comfort food is the best one?

Your zodiac sign is: Taurus! Right?

Your zodiac sign is: Taurus! Right?

Taureans are known to be lovers of food and comforts! They are naturally drawn to all things indulgent! As a Taurean, it benefits you to give yourself the finer things in life.

Your zodiac sign is: Leo! Right?

Your zodiac sign is: Leo! Right?

Leos have a natural confidence and charisma that cannot be bought. They lead as opposed to follow and thrive in the spotlight. However, Leos can also get wounded and so have to spend time to themselves eating comfort foods until it's safe to emerge again.

Your zodiac sign is: Pisces! Right?

Your zodiac sign is: Pisces! Right?

Pisces are deeply creative ad intuitive. They know something before it happens and they often take on other people's emotions. In order to get away from all the nervous energy, Pisces sometimes eat comfort foods. There's something about a rich cheese dish that settles the nerves.

Did we guess your zodiac sign correctly?

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