Which Superhero Would Be Your Crime-Fighting Mentor?

You are given the mission to defeat the evil supervillain that's about to take over the city! Which mentor do you choose to help you with your task?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Apr 29, 2023
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What if you were enlisted to fight a supervillain that has just taken over the city? Who would help you train and be your superhero mentor? Would it be the clever and witty Iron Man? The swift and agile Spider-Man or the mysterious and fierce Wolverine? Go through these questions and see who would be by your side. The fate of the city rests on your shoulders.

What type of energy do you possess?

What type of superhero would you be?

What is your main superpower?

What is a must for your uniform?

What are you hypothetically already trained in?

What is your mental super power?

Where would you live?

How did you get your powers?

Where do you train?

Which sport would you try?

Wolverine would be your mentor!

Wolverine would be your mentor!

Wolverine would teach you to use your inherent senses. You'll be able to hear a pin drop a footstep from a million miles away. You will be on your defenses and that's how you'll hone in on your powers a la Wolverine style.

Spiderman would be your mentor!

Spiderman would be your mentor!

Spiderman would teach you how to use your spidey senses, he would also teach you about the responsibility of having great power. Also, your web-slinging abilities would be on fleek!

Iron Man would be your mentor!

Iron Man would be your mentor!

Iron Man doesn't work well with authority, so he will teach you to think for yourself and go against those who challenge you. You will be resilient to every physical and metaphorical object that is thrown at you. And you will definitely learn how to fly and "armor" up whenever needed.

Which superhero would you totally defeat?

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