Which Disney Prince Are You Deep Inside?

We all have our favorite, but which Disney prince are you most similar to deep down?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Jul 9, 2020

You may think you know which Disney prince you are, but think again! You are about to find out which Disney prince embodies the very core of your being. Are you brave and adventurous like Prince Eric? A bit of a trouble maker like Aladdin? Sensitive and caring like Kristoff? Or just plain wonderful like Prince Charming? Take this quiz and let out your inner prince. See what Disney truths lie beneath your personality.

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You are... Prince Eric!

You are... Prince Eric!

Prince Eric is a free-wheeling, passionate prince who lives to be out at sea. Deep down you have bounds of courage. Whenever you need it, you know you can spring into action and help those in need. With a heart of gold, you fiercely protect those you love. Click below to share your results.

You are.... Kristoff!

You are.... Kristoff!

Though not officially a prince, Kristoff is just a bundle of sweetness! Deep down you are a bit of a lone wolf! Despite having this continuous sense of loneliness, you still have quite a few friends and you have a caring, warm, and sensitive heart. It just takes a bit to get you out of your shell. Click below to share your results.

You are.... Prince Charming!

You are.... Prince Charming!

Deep down you are sweet, idealistic and proper. As Prince Charming, you believe that everyone should get along and that life can be a dream! With this belief you know that your dreams are attainable and you will go towards them no matter what! Click below to share your results.

You are... Aladdin!

You are... Aladdin!

You are the sly talking orphan boy Aladdin who poses as a prince and wins the princess's heart! Deep down inside, you are very crafty and resourceful, you are an independent spirit who dealt with some hardships as a child. You had to learn how to survive life on your own and become your own best friend. Click below to share your results.

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