Whether or Not You Believe in Ghosts, These Real Paranormal Stories Will Likely Give You Nightmares

These ghosts are actually unbelievable and reportedly true. Let's go through some truly spooky encounters.

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Nov 5, 2023
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Grandmas in the graveyard and haunted silly putty? We've gathered some of the creepiest stories we could find that are actually true! These true ghost stories will TRULY freak you out. Proceed with caution, or you may have some nightmares tonight...



Grandmas in the graveyard

Which of these sites would you be most scared to visit?

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The Chop Chop House

Which of the following is the most frightening scenario to you?

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Haunted Silly Putty


Public Pool at Night

What would scare you most?

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The Helping Hand Ghost

Which ghost would freak you out the most?

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A Shadowy Figure


Sleep Paralysis episode

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